It’s great as a mixer engineer like myself to proudly say I got endorsed by Izotope.One of the best world wide plug-ins companies.

It was great to meet with Izotope’s great team at the AES 2015 last weekend, and I am so exited for the new releases that are coming up! Thank you guy for all your great products!!             

Izotope Ozone 6

Ozone 6, is the latest addition to my mixing & mastering tools.

Once I started using Ozone 6, the game totally changed. I have been exclusively using Ozone 6 when mastering and I couldn’t be more impressed with the results.

What I found to be the “money maker “ is the I/O section, where the talented team at Izotope has developed a different way to let engineers customize the VU meter in order to give a better representation of loudness. For instance, when I use the K-System setting, the K-12 Scale lets me determine exactly how loud my material is sounding compared to the real world. This is a critical tool for any engineer to have.

Another great feature is the Auto-Mach Gain Control. To me, this is the most important tool to use when it comes to matching the decibels of the original version of the audio with the mastered version of my project that used the Ozone 6 modules. With the Auto-Mach Gain Control feature, I can really see what I am adding to the audio.