• My role as a producer means doing whatever it takes to capture an artist’s ideas and create a successful record
  • My goal as a producer is to marry together an artist’s music with an unique sonic aesthetic that enhances the power of their record.


  • My approach when working as an engineer on a project is to make the raw recorded tracks sound as good as possible as early as possible. From my prospective, 80% of a great sounding record is in how you capture the raw sound. This is the most important step after the pre-production. From there I’m able to begin establishing the shape of a song.


  • Mixing is one of my favorite parts of making a record. It’s the last opportunity to add my own creative touch to a song, bring it alive, and make it compelling.
  • Creating a great mix isn’t just a technical process. It’s all about presenting the song in a way that elicits emotion from the listeners.
  • Mixing gives me the opportunity to bring each component of the production alive and imprint a unique, professional touch to make a song competitive on the market.


  • vocal tuning, timing & aligning
  • drum timing & sample replacement
  • multiple-take comping
  • session clean-up and mix/archive preparation
  • radio/commercial edits


  • recording/mixing system configuration and implementation
  • recording studio design and project management
  • audio engineer training & tutorials
  • band/artist pre-production and co-writing
  • live show musical direction

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