Matteo Marciano is a New York City based Multi-Platinum record producer, mixer, composer and educator. Originally from Rome, Italy, he began his musical career at age 17 playing bass and touring with bands all around the world.

Since relocating to New York City, Matteo has jumped to the forefront of the music industry. His work can be heard in movies, television and albums including the triple platinum single “Cups” with Anna Kendrick. Other credits include work for artists Idina Menzel, Astral Weeks, Lang Lang, 2Cellos, Chris Classic,  Brian Crum, and films such as Frozen, Pitch Perfect, John Wick, Despicable Me 2, Turbo, Alvin and The Chipmunks and many others.

In 2016 he relocated to Abu Dhabi, where he currently works as standing Faculty at New York University Abu Dhabi. At NYUAD he serves as the Assistant Head of Music Program, and Assistant Professor of Practice of Music Technology while playing a seminal role in its development. He oversees the Recording Studio, the lab and acquisition of equipment to support the diverse range of musical activities; During the academic year of 2016-2017, he also developed a partnership with AVID Pro Tools, the world leading software in the television and video industry, to create television shows, feature films, and commercials.

At NYUAD, he serves as the Assistant Head of the Music Program and Assistant Professor of Practice of Music Technology, overseeing courses and activities of the Recording Studio while playing a seminal role in its development. During the academic year of 2017-2018, he also developed an international partnership with AVID Pro Tools, the world leading software in the television and video industry, to create television shows, feature films, and commercials making NYUAD the first University in Abu Dhabi to be an Avid Learning Partner.

Matteo has redesigned and taught the courses Music Technology Fundamentals and Recording & Production Techniques at NYUAD. He also created and developed the music technology electives, Musical Acoustics, Mixing & Mastering Techniques and Fundamentals of Digital Audio: Introduction to Pro Tools. Matteo Marciano’s research interests lie in Music Cognition and the impact that music mixing has on mental processes underlying musical behaviors. He explores how emotions, environment, cognitive capacity, personality, individual differences, and other factors influence the way we perceive music, as well as the impact of technological advances on Music Mixing Techniques and Recording Technology.

Since coming to NYUAD, Matteo Marciano has been interested in engaging with the local music community and NYUAD community. He created the annual Battle of the Bands, which became a way for NYUAD community students, faculty, and staff to express their music in a competition which had as a final prize the production of a four-song EP at NYUAD Recording Studio fully recorded and produced by students. In Fall 2018 he created the Music Technology and Sound Recording Group MTSR (https://www.nyuad-music.tech) a community of students, artists, musicians, audio engineers, producers, composers, educators, and creative music technologists based at NYU Abu Dhabi. MTSR’s mission is to provide a collaborative framework for committed students, to apply their musical technological creativity to the development of innovative artistic and technological arts. In Spring 2018 Matteo Marciano started the very first cross-school collaboration between NYUAD music technology students and the NYU Production Lab. 

Matteo holds a BBA in Business Administration Bachelor from L.U.M.S.A. University in Rome, an MMB Master Degree in Music Business from LUISS Business University of Rome and his Audio Recording & Engineering diploma from N.E.R. Studios. Matteo Marciano is an AVID Certified Pro Tools Instructor and an active member of A.E.S. – Audio Engineering Society. He holds a Licensed Private Career School Teacher Certificate from The State Education Department from the University of The State of New York.

In addition, to maintain an intense international career as a mixer engineer, producer, editor, and educator, he works as music composer for different Music Publishing companies, TV shows, feature films and commercials in all stages of production including automatic dialog replacement, sound design, surrounds mixing, and Foley recording.

Matteo is dedicated to turning any artists vision into a professional final product whether it be pop, rock, metal, hip hop, R&B, funk, electronic or orchestral.


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