Online Mixing

MMP offer a service of Online Mixing called MMPOnlineMix, where we can mix & master your tracks no matter where you are.


An evaluation will be made to assess your individual mix rate

  • I will first determine whether or not your tracks require editing, tuning or rhythmic quantization. If it does, to what degree.
  • I will evaluate the overall complexity and density of the mix. Dense mixes require more time and work than sparse mixes.
  • I may ask to review your recorded tracks (if you’ve recorded elsewhere) before providing you with an accurate quote.
  • Requirements:
    • a rough bounce of the 2mix so i can easily figure out the direction that the mix has to take.
    • All the tracks need to be consolidated and crossfaded from BAR 1 and. It’s very important that each track is labeled properly.
    • If there is any effect that the artist wants to keep, I need a bounce of the rough track without the effect and the same track with the effect.


So, what’s included?

  • Individualized track equalization and multi band dynamics processing to enhance clarity, density and musicality
  • Addition of musical harmonics applied selectively to increase saturation at certain frequencies in order to warm the track
  • Adjustment and enhancement of the sound field to open up the mix and increase the perceived stereo width of the track
  • Diligent limiting and volume maximization is applied to achieve commercially acceptable loudness without sacrificing musicality or introducing unpleasant distortion.
  • Intro and outro fades are applied systematically to create natural continuity and flow from one track to the next
  • Embedding of Meta Data including CD text, artist info etc.

Policy: *** MMProduction projects that I undertake. The agreement is custom tailored to each individual project and outlines the services, rates, expectations and deliverable products. This agreement protects my time and also ensures that there are no misunderstandings regarding the project. I will send you a project agreement form via email for your electronic signature after we have established items that will be included.*** everything within a few simple steps:

  1. send information about your project such as : how many songs, the style of music and the budget..
  2. preparing session: it’s fundamental for me to have a “rough mix” for every song and give me a direction for your music such as “ similar artists or music”.
  3. Mixes and Revisions: I will mix your song and upload a full quality version for you to check out. I’ll then give you ample time to listen and compile a list of changes. I will implement the changes and send an updated version. We will bounce back and forth until you’re fully satisfied with the final result.
  4. Approval & Printing: Once you will approve the mix we’ll then print 3 version of the song: a full mix, an instrumental track, and an A cappella version.

Payment Methods: Paypal payments made to (email) , cash payments, as well as credit and debit cards. Checks or money orders cannot be accepted.

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